Why bother to watch?

Stay Ahead 

in a Competitive Landscape

Our webinar provides you with the tools to refine your English communication skills for discovery calls. Stay ahead, level up your skills, and position yourself as a leader in your field by levelling up your communication!

Navigate Conversations with Confidence

Ever felt lost during a critical client meeting? Learn how to refer back to key points ensuring your discussions remain cohesive and purposeful. Enhance your confidence in steering discovery meetings or calls.

Strengthen Client Relationships

Effective communication isn't just about what you say but also about how well you listen. Learn to paraphrase effectively making sure your clients feel heard and understood. This skill allows you to foster stronger business connections.

Boost Your

Professional Impact

Your ability to leave a lasting impression during discovery calls is paramount. Our webinar recording offers valuable insights on sounding professional and confident allowing you to elevate your professional impact. 

Speak Business English Effectively

Mastering professional language and knowing when to use specific vocabulary will empower you to articulate ideas more effectively. Succinct communication will definitely make your conversations with clients or colleagues impactful and memorable.

Improve the 

Quality of Your Speech

Avoid common errors and ensure that every discovery meeting contributes meaningfully to your business objectives. Use the precise language that sets you apart, making each interaction an opportunity to showcase your expertise and competence. Not an obstacle to overcome.

The Agenda

During the webinar you'll learn and practice 4 tips on how not to foul up the discovery meeting:

1. Sound professional and confident – ask open-ended and follow-up questions

2. Sound sophisticated – use the RIGHT business vocabulary

3. Show that you listen – paraphrasing and other techniques

4. A way around here and there – refer to what has been said and what you are going to talk about


Receive the recording from the webinar for free and let Iwona help you increase your communication skills during the discovery calls in English!

It is if you already work with English-speaking clients or are planning to go global soon. And also, if you’re serious about your customers’ experience when they interact with you. Last but not least, if you’d like to make the most of the precious time your client's book with you to talk about their business needs. We recommend it both for the technical and business roles involved in the discovery phase.

We cover the language & communication techniques which will improve your overall ability to effectively run discovery meetings in English. The key takeaways include but are not limited to: how to ask open-ended and follow-up questions; how to use the business-specific vocabulary precisely and in the right context to discovery the real clients' needs; how to demonstrate active listening through paraphrasing and other techniques.

The webinar is an hour long.

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